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Partnership Health Plan

Partnership Health Plan Policy

Children under 21 are covered in full for exam and glasses.

Starting February 2015 the State of California has added Eyeglasses as a benefit for adults over age 21.

This plan works like any other insurance that we are providers for. Partnership will cover an eye exam every 2 years. They cover single vision lenses and flat top lined bifocal lenses once every 2 years.

You can choose any frame we have in house and receive a $20 credit. You are responsible for any amount over the $20. Payment for all extras are due at the time of service.

Starting in January of 2020 the Partnership program requires us to send all glasses orders the Prison Industries Lab. That now means the any extras such as Transitions, no line bifocals and thinner lighter lenses will not be available. The only way to get any of these upgrades is to pay for the whole job privately.

This is beyond our control. Please contact you local state representatives if you want this options restored.