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Partnership Health Plan

Partnership Health Plan Policy

Children under 21 are covered in full for exam and glasses.

Starting February 2015 the State of California has added Eyeglasses as a benefit for adults over age 21.

This plan works like any other insurance that we are providers for. Partnership will cover an eye exam every 2 years. They cover single vision lenses and flat top lined bifocal lenses once every 2 years.

You can choose any frame we have in house and receive a $20 credit. You are responsible for any amount over the $20. Payment for all extras are due at the time of service.

A big change from previous “MediCal” type plans is the fact that you can purchase any lens extras for an additional cost. The most popular extra’s are:

Anti-Scratch coating: $35 Gives you 1 year scratch protection. One set of replacement lenses at no cost within a 1 year period.

Transition Lenses: $70 for single vision and $80 for bifocals. These are the lenses that turn dark in the sunlight, and clear up inside or at night.

Progressive Bifocals. $195-230 for the “no line” bifocal. We carry the Varilux premium brand of Progressive lenses. Our usual cost is $325 with no insurance.

Anti-Reflective coating: $125 It reduces glare and has a 2 year anti scratch warranty. You can get one set of replacement lenses in a 2 year period.